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a few examples from those I have had the pleasure to have inspired over the years.

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"Tom’s up-front and pactical approach is refreshing. To me this was the most practical, actionable and stimulating business improvement session I have ever attended.

If you have an opportunity to engage Tom do so, I can 100% recommend it. You will walk away with an action plan, resources and knowledge that is immediately applicable and your teams will see an acceleration in their effectiveness and results.(Joel Waterman, as IBM Regional Director)

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Michelle (Tomkins) Eaton

Vice President EMEA Collaborative Solutions, llc

"My fellow managers and I found Tom's session was outstanding, it was really useful and practical. We applied the tools, had a good year, a strong end, and our teams  achieved our quota targets."

Karen (Jones) Langridge

Sales Director UKI


“It was all down to Tom's methodologies and how to plan to WIN that got me across the line. Excellent content, great tools, good summary of those important processes in business deals."

Clyde Fernandez

Regional Vice President at Salesforce

"We applied the Client Value Profile Tool and found surprising insights with our customers that proved really valuable in progressing deals and adding value."

Jonathan Ellard

Business Development Director, HCM

Tom provided a simple yet effective program that positively impacted on skills. His business coaching linked to strategy and execution provided excellent thinking to enable successful deal progression and winning."

Alex Stewart.



"Tom's positive and constructive sessions about qualification and research were simple yet effective and easy to understand. Thoroughly worthwhile session and looking forward to the next."

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Tonie Odeniyi

Head of VMware Cloud on AWS: Public Sector - EMEA


Tom's tools and techniques are very straightforward to use and understand. He gives great direction on how to engage customers. Very useful and I look forward to the next sessions."

Bob Evans

Director EMEA Partners


“I think that this kind of Program is a significant help to our Business Partners and increases their ratio in winning opportunities.  The structured approach helps focus on the relevant aspects of the revenue generating process."

Simon Emery.

EMEA Business Development Manager (Services) at Ciena

"Tom's enjoyable sessions, engaging mentoring and teaching with really practical application exercises has changed how I learn. Sessions helped me transfer skills that improve my  business management achievements.”

Tommi Tulisalo

Nordic Data & AI Leader

IBM Software Group

“Top Class session and tools. We used Tom's qualification and negotiation principles tools to secure an additional 100k of margin that we would not have had.”

Steven Cameron

Account Director at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

"I just wanted to say that Tom’s client value tool with his qualification approach was a real enabler in scoping out the customers problems and understanding their objectives. It really works!"

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