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In the Business of Sales today all that really matters is your solution must help your customer achieve their desired business outcomes and strategic objectives.

The SalesTechnique Sales Execution Toolbox has proven tools and techniques that will help you analyse the data on your forecasted sale and guide you to success with actionable insights that deliver your customers desired business outcomes and objectives.



sales Analysis and Progression

Financial Report
  • The first step is to analyse where you are in the sales process on your forecasted sales. You must be aligned with your buyer.

  • Secondly, realign your sales activity to your buyers actvity and then you can quantify your probability of winning the sale.

  • Thirdly, implement actions to progress your sale by proving you will achieve your customers desired business outcomes.


real people. real results.

What Clients Say

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"My fellow managers and I found Tom's session was outstanding, it was really useful and practical. We applied the tools, had a good year, a strong end, and our teams achieved our quota targets."
Michelle (Tomkins) Eaton, Vice President EMEA Collaborative Solutions, llc
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