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opportunity progression

practical tools to help you win

Progress Actions.png

1.identify blocks and actions

Identify blocks to your success and create actions that will help you start the process to progress your Deals by applying "The 5 Pillars":-


  1. The Client relationship

  2. The Value Proposition and the problem to solve

  3. The Current Technical environment

  4. The Commercial Realities

  5. The Primary Competition

Validate Opportunity .png

2.check your deal is real

Is your deal real or is it wishful thinking?

This Tool will:-

  • Identify the Business or Technical problem and the resulting impact.

  • Calculate the financial impact of these issues in customer terms.

  • Provide more tools to help you fix and repair the gaps at this stage.

  • Create actions to ensure this deal is worth pursuing.

Progress Scorecard Tool .png

3.quantify the win factors

The Progress Scorecard Tool is one of the most popular tools.

You answer 10 key questions in order of importance.

The Tool then quantifies your answers and tells how to:-


  • Accurately quantify and forecast probability of winning your deal.  

  • Highlight what is missing because the unticked boxes are Actions.   

  • Ensure key tasks and delegated actions have not been missed.

  • Identify what actions to do, who does them and by when.

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