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HOW TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR SALES PROCESSES Unique digital Toolbox. Learn sales execution fundamentals.

  • 6 hr
  • Linked to results
  • In Class team sessions as required

Service Description

Learn How to successfully implement plan, prospect, qualify, discover, quantify, propose, progress, negotiate and win more sales by being of real business value to your customer. Your forecasts will become more accurate and predictable. Your will learn how to generate genuine winnable opportunities rather than use hope and wishful thinking. You will learn how your company products and services actually do have the capability to solve your customer's business problems and provide their desired business outcomes. Learn to apply this proven Sales Execution Model with a unique digital Toolbox including techniques and exercises on real deals to improve your sales success and achieve peak performance. You will learn how to achieve your desired results quickly and effectively. Using the step by step interactive tools and exercises on your live deals we will discover what you need. You will experience great expert advice and training and agree where the “fit” is best to improve your performance rapidly.

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