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The forgotten secret of consistent sales success.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

There is an old saying: Fail to Plan then Plan to Fail. Before you act you must Plan. You need to Plan your journey.

1. Account Research

Before you do any sales call on your prospective customers you must do research and collect key data in order to create and achieve an effective and workable sales plan.

The planning template combined with my mentoring session on how to apply this planning technique provides questions and data that you must research on 4 critical topics. 1. Prospect Company Insights, 2. Strategic Vendors, 3. Industry Information, 4. Key People in the Account. You can find this great template in my website

2. Executive Sales Checklist

The biggest opportunities are found when you are in front of C-Level executives. You must be able to provide key business insights (being able to tell them something they don't know about their company) to build a strong trusting relationship and ultimately win more sales.

To achieve this goal then apply my interactive checklist template combined with my prospecting mentoring session on how to get to this level. Applying this technique successfully will ensure you know the seven key steps to achieve the goal of being able to meet and engage with C-Level Executives and be of value to them. You can find this great technique in my website

3. Growth Plan

To achieve effective Planning of your desired sales and revenue growth there are six key steps. 1.Timeline. 2.Goals. 3.Strategies. 4.Actions 5.Obstacles. 6. Development.

My interactive planning tool that combined with my planning mentoring session will show you how to apply a series of questions to be completed. This will help you create a winning growth plan to help you build your winning sales plan. Combine this with my Account Prioritise tool and you will be more successful. You can find these great techniques and tools in my website

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