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Time for a change

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Effective Change Management helps you climb to the top.

Today we expect leaders at all levels to deliver results under conditions of increasing change and uncertainty. However, many feel unprepared and ill equipped to lead change. First, you must read Dr. Kotter’s 8 Steps for Successful Change and four Critical Leadership Principles. These must be in place to ensure successful change. Second, you explore and practice how to get and keep people on board and supporting change: you learn the definition of true urgency and how to build and maintain it in your own context.

Inspiration taken from Dr. Kotter describing the significance of the main subjects in;

‘Change Essentials.’

Too often, organizations attempt to affect change by "managing" it, but research proves that leadership is the foundation of successful change. Both elements; Management and Leadership - in an appropriate balance - are essential. Large-scale transformation requires you to manage what you know and to lead where you want to go.

In order to build a foundation for successful change and ignite urgency for change you need to follow Dr Kotters research-based 8 Steps for Successful Change and the four Critical Leadership Principles. Contact me at and together we will create your bespoke managing change effectively workshop by applying these principles.

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