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Your sales journey has begun. Ask, should I be here?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

You have a lead. You must Qualify your sales opportunity. You must find out should you be here?

Decide are you IN or OUT?

You must ask yourself before proceeding to spend your valuable time with a prospective customer, should I really be here? Is this is a genuine opportunity? Apply my interactive template to combine with my prospecting mentoring session will help you decide that key question.

The template consists of 7 critical self- coaching questions in two sections that will quantify for you the choice of proceeding or not proceeding and so accurately help that decision. You can find this very useful process in template format in my website

Score Your Opportunity

Research constantly proves that lost or slipped deals happen because little or no sales qualification has taken place. The seller understandably gets excited and hopeful so jumps in with both feet to "help" their prospective customer often thinking mainly about their bonus from this sale if achieved. There is an old saying "Hope is not a strategy."

Combined with my mentoring prospecting session will help you quantify your level of qualification. This interactive spreadsheet and interactive template both quantify accurately the level of real opportunity by providing values to key questions that must be answered honestly. The resulting figures helps decide your next steps. You can find this very useful process in spreadsheet and template format in my website

Validate Your Opportunity

When customers are asked why they did not buy the product being sold recent research confirms a surprising fact. Over 70% of customers report the solution offered did not meet their needs, even after much discussion and demonstrations.

This template combined with my mentoring Qualification session 'validating your opportunity' will help resolve this issue and stop you spending many hours, weeks or months trying unsuccessfully to progress and close your deals. You can find this very useful process in template format in my website .

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